Cythera Wilkerson

Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl. O.M.), Master’s of Science (M.S.)

Cythera Wilkerson
Cythera Wilkerson, Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Cythera’s interest in working in a healing field was a natural progression, coming from a family of medical practitioners, social workers and counselors. She found herself called to the study of Classical Chinese Medicine because it beautifully maintains the art of medicine in an analytical way. This led to her study at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, North Carolina. Acupuncture dramatically changed the way she understood health and in particular, the profound impact that our body awareness has on our physical and emotional well-being.

Cythera brings a unique skill and perspective to her work – that of helping you unfold your story and journey in new ways. She excels at warmly and gently guiding you through the exploration of your self, your health and your life. By uncovering, welcoming and moving through what may be stumbling blocks, new challenges to overcome, or strengths to embrace, Cythera opens the door for greater emotional as well as physical health (Chinese Medicine sees the two as being intertwined). Prefer to just come in for a relaxing treatment with an awesome, welcoming person without going deep? She can do that, too! Cythera is incredibly personable and will help you feel right at home!

Cythera shares: “My favorite thing to do is get to know people and have the opportunity to hear their stories. I find that one of the most common reasons people seek out Chinese Medicine is the opportunity to examine their life and their health with a different lens and I hope to aid them in this process. We are not simply a diagnosis. We have the ability to access the power of the infinite within us and it is through stillness and opening that this becomes possible. This unfolding process is a gift to the self and to the world as a whole. We have so much potential in this lifetime. Learning to understand our bodies in their entirety allows for this unfolding in new ways each moment.”

Before her studies in Chinese Medicine, Cythera received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Eckerd College in Florida, followed by work as a case manager with the Department of Children and Families. She then served a year with AmeriCorps in Asheville before exploring options in the medical field. Daoist Traditions was conveniently located in a town she already loved, so she remained there to work on her Masters in Oriental Medicine. She spent four months after graduation involved in some of her favorite activities, traveling and exploring the outdoors, before beginning her work in Chinese Medicine in Frankfort, Kentucky. During this time, Cythera worked with a variety of conditions, feeling particularly drawn to patients working through trauma, anxiety and depression. She is thrilled to be joining the beautiful community of Charleston and her former classmates at Blue Heron.


“Recently went through a course of acupuncture and supplements with Cythera and I’m extremely happy and physically relieved with the results. All of the traditional medical help I had tried was not doing the job and taking inordinate amount of time and money. I was on my way to feeling better almost immediately from my first visit. One word–restorative–describes my results. Thank you Cythera, the gentle and compassionate. This experience was the whole package.

“I have been working on healing my anxiety and depression with Cythera, and it’s been a wonderful journey. Cythera is wise and compassionate and makes the acupuncture experience very relaxing. She’s amazing! She has also worked on some joint pain I’ve had, and the pain was gone within a day.”

“Never been to a place like this before, but my poor health as a result of driving 50-60K miles per year in my job made it necessary to look at all options to regain a pain free life. On my first visit, my provider, Cythera, sat me down and just listened for 30 minutes as I explained my health issues. She then asked about each issue to be certain she knew exactly what they were. She then treated me and I slept all night pain free for the first time in five years.”