health and nutrition coaching session with Dana Bufalino


The foods you eat everyday have a substantial impact on your health. Food truly is medicine, but many are unsure of the best items to consume for particular health concerns. Schedule a Health & Nutrition Coaching session to empower yourself with the knowledge to take care of your body on a daily basis. Let eating become a joyful, nourishing, stress-free part of your life!

During your appointment, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Dana Bufalino will sit down with you to hear what you have been experiencing, discuss your goals, and explore challenges and solutions. She will offer tangible, affordable and accessible suggestions to help you meet your health goals, such as meal plans, recipes, specific brands to purchase, stress reducers and mindfulness exercises. Dana also enjoys conducting thorough research to make sure suggested products meet your dietary needs.

Health & Nutrition sessions include:

  • nutrition consultation and education
  • food sensitivity testing
  • easy-to-implement meal planning (optional add-on)
  • recipes stress management

Conditions Dana enjoys working with include:

  • fertility
  • migraines
  • healthy skin
  • natural beauty
  • graceful aging
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • adrenal fatigue


ALL NEW CLIENTS: Health & Nutrition Coaching $160

Health & Nutrition Coaching $125, $300 for 3-session package

Fertility Nutrition Coaching $125, $300 for 3-session package

Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching $125, $300 for 3-session package

Personalized Meal Plan Add-On $100