herbal medicine and essential oils


We are so pleased to offer the following consultations by phone or video. Connect, learn, and care for yourself.

We will also soon offer curbside sales of herbal formulas for your immune system, sleep, anxiety, headaches, digestion, and more. Please sign up for our newsletter to learn more and to find out when we reopen.  

*Herbal, Essential Oil and/or Dietary Consultation with Logan Dyer ($65, cost of herbs or oils additional) – We will discuss your health history, determine your individual pattern, and diagnose herbs, oils and/or dietary recommendations based on your particular presentation. No-contact site will be set up for pick up of herbs and oils. 

*Acupressure, Self Gua Sha and Topical Formulas for Pain with Christine Warrix ($65, cost of topicals is additional) – We will dialog about your health history and share effective acupuncture points with instructions on how to apply acupressure. If applicable, we will guide you through self-application of gua sha to relieve tight muscles, aches and pains, and strengthen your immune system. We can also prescribe topical formulas, which are incredibly helpful for pain, for external use. No-contact site will be set up for pick up of topical blends.

*Self-Lymphatic Massage with Sirena Squires ($50) – The perfect choice to increase your detox capacity, strengthen your immune system, support fluid metabolism, increase circulation, alleviate pain, and clear your sinuses.

*Meditation, Mindfulness & Qi Gong with Laura Marion ($55) – Qi gong, meditation and mindfulness skills are all powerful tools to strengthen your immune system, calm your nervous system and decrease stress. Qi gong is an optimal exercise for people of all ages as it is gentle and can be done standing or seated.

*Counseling with Kristi Galloway – If you find yourself needing someone to talk to as you sort through these difficult feelings, contemplate your path, and consider what you might learn about yourself in the process, reach out to licensed counselor Kristi Galloway. Kristi is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and helping people process and adapt their response to these trying thoughts and emotions is her specialty. She has a rich, calming, centering presence that guides you deeper into the essence of your self. You can contact Kristi directly at (843) 410-3165 or kgalloway@cdbta.com.