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Are you affected by other people’s energies?

We all are to a certain extent, it’s called empathy, but if other people’s energies seem to impact your psychological wellbeing it may be time for a ghost treatment — yes, we said ghost. Over time people have associated this presence of heavy feelings with spirits, it is a baggage of any sort that one has difficulty shedding. Parasites and fungal infections can be sources.

In a time like now, with what we are experiencing with coronavirus, heightened stress and anxiety are occurring on a widespread level. Sensitive individuals may be picking up on and experiencing stress even if it isn’t from their own personal “stuff”.

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Our Issues Are In Our Tissues

So many of us have been experiencing higher levels of anxiety as we move into August and finish out the Summer. In Chinese Medicine, the season of Summer can bring passion and joy and a strong desire to be more social. In our current environment with the coronavirus, we are most likely not getting to express this element fully, which could be contributing to increased anxiety — as well as the worry and unfamiliarity of what our futures hold.

If you are searching for a way to calm some of these feelings, consider pursuing some active daylight movement. Try to get out and experience nature. Meditation is also very beneficial. Seek out activities that will open your lungs and calm your heart.

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What are your intentions for this week?

Happy Monday!

You are a strong, beautiful creature who can handle anything this week throws at you!

(p.s. Though if it’s feeling challenging to keep up with life right now, keep your eyes open for our upcoming posts on just that topic. We feel you and we’re here for you!)

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Musical Suggestions to Embrace Your Zen

Want to help your weekend feel like this? Enjoy these music suggestions from Laura Marion, L.Ac., to help you find your zen. (Pick up some incense and tea from Blue Heron for extra bliss ✨)

-R Carlos Nakai (Native American flute music)
-Peter Kater (gentle instrumental piano)
-William Ackerman (gentle Guitar)
-Ozzie Kotani (Hawaiian slack key guitar)
-Dean Evenson (gentle flute music mixed with various instruments)
-Deuter (soft instrumental)
-Beach top sounders (nature sounds gently mixed with instruments)


Sparkling Elderberry Tonic

Thanks to Laura Marion for this delectable mocktail recipe.

Sparkling Elderberry Tonic

To a glass of sparkling mineral water, add:

1-2 tsp of elderberry syrup

a squeeze of lemon

a small handful of blueberries

Elderberries are a great tonic for your immune system. The sour taste of elderberries and lemon activate your liver, facilitating its cleansing properties. And your heart’s blood is nourished by the blueberries.

To your health! 💕

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Small Intestine 4, a Fire point

Small Intestine 4 is the source point of this Fire element organ, the yang pair to the Heart. Summer is the time of the Fire element and you may be more likely to find yourself experiencing physical and emotional symptoms related to the Small Intestine during this season. As the source point, SI-4 represents the essence of this organ and its purvue.

The primary functions of the Small Intestine according to Lonny Jarrett’s book, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, are:

“1. Sorts pure from impure by burning away mundanity and empowering transformation in all aspects of being

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Easy Breezy Chia Pudding

Everyone is obsessed with chia seeds, and for good reason! They are packed with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, and iron. They also have a good balance of essential amino acids.

When mixed with liquid they plump up to a jelly-like consistency. You can use them in baking, toss them in smoothies, or whip up this chia pudding for an easy, delicious, gluten free breakfast.

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Here for you

It’s so good to be in the clinic and serving our community safely. We are immensely grateful for our caring, responsible patients. Thank you for helping us keep Blue Heron open and safe for you. You may not be able to see our smiles, but we are so happy to see you!

We’ve got masks on, disinfectant ready & look forward to seeing you in the office if you haven’t been in yet. Acupuncture, massage or combo of both! Virtual appointments are also available and encouraged if you prefer not to come into the office.

Come see us for allergies, stress, fertility, pain relief, and more.

Online schedule is up or call us. 💕

Coming in? Here are the basics to keep in mind:

*Wait for your practitioner to text you before entering the building.

*Wear a face mask. Please bring your own if you have one to help us maintain our supplies. If you do not, we will supply one.

*We cannot accommodate family members in the lobby or treatment rooms (unless you are a parent staying with your child during treatment).

*Unfortunately, we cannot see you in the clinic if you exhibit cold or flu symptoms. If you have a cold, flu or coronavirus, schedule a virtual herbal consult – herbs are incredibly effective for such conditions. If you think you have allergies, discuss with your practitioner prior to scheduling.


Ready to dress up your cook out?

Easy, nutritious additions to your burger, hot dog, salad or bowl:

*grilled, spiced carrots

*steamed kale (steam in veggie or chicken broth and add salt, pepper and a splash of lemon for extra flavor)

*stirfried shiitake mushrooms (add soy sauce and sesame seeds for extra pizzazz)

*roasted eggplant (generously salt and pat dry with paper towels prior to cooking to reduce water)

*sunflower or pumpkin seeds

*soaked and toasted walnuts and pecans

*grilled zucchini and squash

Use local, grass fed, and/or hormone and antibiotic-free meat when possible. If shopping at Whole Foods, Step 4 is their best quality meat. Enjoy!