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Essential oils for summer

In Chinese Medicine, the season of Summer represents the heart. It is a time of socializing, celebration and fun. However, since times have felt more restrictive lately, we find that many of our patients are experiencing anxiety, agitation, restlessness and low spirits.Here are our favorite essentials oils to lift your mood.

🌱Neroli: This oil lifts the mood. It clears the heart of palpitations, shock and insomnia.

🌱Orange: This oil is an anti-depressant. It’s a happy, inviting oil that calms the heart.

🌱Rose: This oil represents the heart. It’s all about liberation, enjoying the moment and being present.

🌱Sandalwood: This oil settles the mind. It’s great for calming anxiety, restlessness, and is an ally for moments of panic.

Here are our favorite, safe methods for enjoying essential oils:

🤲🏾 Rub 2-3 drops in your palms and inhale. Continue inhaling for 5-10 minutes.

🤲🏾 Rub 1-2 drops on your chest and step into the shower for an instant oil diffusion.

🤲🏾 Place a few drops into your favorite essential oil diffuser while you clean, cook, work, or study.

~ Laura Marion, L.Ac.

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Dry Brushing

Do you dry brush?

We hope you are all taking some time to practice self-care, whatever that may be for you. Dry brushing is one of our favorite self-care activities. It is an ancient practice that has been used across many different cultures to remove dead skin and increase circulation. Dry brushing along the related channels stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems. This facilitates your lungs’ detoxifying function via the skin and keeps other channels engaged and open. The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a huge role in daily detoxification.

Benefits of dry brushing:

✨Promotes lymphatic flow/drainage

✨Boosts immunity

✨Improves blood circulation 

✨Exfoliates the skin 

✨Reduces cellulite 

✨Boosts energy 


✔️Choose a brush with natural fibers.

✔️Brush in long firm strokes moving in the direction towards your heart.

✔️Begin at the feet and brush upwards.

✔️Avoid brushing broken skin.

✔️Take a shower after and follow with a moisturizer.

Check out our website for more tips or call (843) 937-6890 to book an appointment. Acupuncture, massage and lymphatic enhancement are all excellent ways to support your immune and lymphatic systems!



Have you heard of ELDOA? We are so honored Sarah King, classically trained acupuncturist, Pilates teacher and ELDOA instructor, is offering this form of exercise and healing for Blue Heron’s patients! (She also does a ton of work with us behind the scenes but we’ll focus on her offerings for YOU here.) Having attended Sarah’s classes and her Level I ELDOA Teacher Training, I have been blown away by how quickly effective these exercises are for chronic tension and pain. Bonus points: you feel great afterward because they also retrain your brain and nervous system.
ELDOA was developed by a French osteopath and consists of specific movements to target particular levels of the spine, strengthening your alignment, mobility, flexibility and core. Read more “ELDOA”

we are now seeing patients coronavirus

Now seeing patients

Our doors are open for you! We are available for office and virtual appointments. Please call so we may help find the best option for you.

Having been deemed an essential business, we have studiously examined and procured disinfecting products, dialogued amongst our team, and prepared new protocols to keep our clinic safe for you and our practitioners.

To help us provide care for you during this unprecedented time, please comply with the following protocols:

*Wait for your practitioner to text you before entering the building.

*Wear a face mask. Please bring your own if you have one to help us maintain our supplies. If you do not, we will supply one.

*We cannot accommodate family members in the lobby or treatment rooms (unless you are a parent staying with your child during treatment).*Unfortunately, we cannot see you in the clinic if you exhibit cold or flu symptoms. If you have a cold, flu or coronavirus, schedule a virtual herbal consult – herbs are incredibly effective for such conditions. If you think you have allergies, discuss with your practitioner prior to scheduling.

We look forward to supporting you with this medicine and our hearts!

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Ginger is an excellent food grade herb to consume regularly during these days of coronavirus. The spiciness of ginger helps open the lungs and dissolve phlegm as well as support the body’s circulation. We say it releases the exterior, which equates to opening the pores so your body is more readily able to expel pathogens it encounters, including viral ones.

Ginger is a common folk remedy to reduce nausea, and luck would have it that this is also true for Chinese herbal medicine as well. Read more “Ginger”