Sparkling Elderberry Tonic

Thanks to Laura Marion for this delectable mocktail recipe.

Sparkling Elderberry Tonic

To a glass of sparkling mineral water, add:

1-2 tsp of elderberry syrup

a squeeze of lemon

a small handful of blueberries

Elderberries are a great tonic for your immune system. The sour taste of elderberries and lemon activate your liver, facilitating its cleansing properties. And your heart’s blood is nourished by the blueberries.

To your health! đź’•

Small Intestine 4, a Fire point

Small Intestine 4 is the source point of this Fire element organ, the yang pair to the Heart. Summer is the time of the Fire element and you may be more likely to find yourself experiencing physical and emotional symptoms related to the Small Intestine during this season. As the source point, SI-4 represents the essence of this organ and its purvue.

The primary functions of the Small Intestine according to Lonny Jarrett’s book, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, are:

“1. Sorts pure from impure by burning away mundanity and empowering transformation in all aspects of being

2. Abstracts essential yang from acquired qi

3.. Communicates heart essence into the world

4. Empowers the virtues of listening and intuition”

If your Small Intestine is feeling the heat of the season, you may:

*experience digestive upset or malabsorption

*have difficulty making decisions

*feel uncomfortable extending yourself into the world

*feel disconnected from your heart or unable to connect with others’ spirits

*experience anxiety, panic or overwhelm

*have difficulty trusting your intuition

Particularly during this 2020 summer of Covid-19, your Small Intestine may be feeling overwhelmed by its duties. If you are having trouble settling your spirit, determining the right choices for yourself, or getting your digestion on course, come in for acupuncture, speak with a counselor, reach out to loved ones, dive into activities that put you in touch with your spirit, eat foods that are cooling and grounding for you, and spend time in nature.

Bonus tip: Qi Gong movements that rotate the medial wrist inward (such as shown here) activate the functions of the small intestine.

Easy Breezy Chia Pudding

Everyone is obsessed with chia seeds, and for good reason! They are packed with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, and iron. They also have a good balance of essential amino acids.

When mixed with liquid they plump up to a jelly-like consistency. You can use them in baking, toss them in smoothies, or whip up this chia pudding for an easy, delicious, gluten free breakfast.

Chia Pudding Recipe:
-3 tbsp Chia Seeds
-3/4 cup non dairy milk (we used almond)
-1 tsp vanilla
-Splash of maple syrup or honey

-Combine all ingredients and soak overnight for a quick grab and go breakfast, or let soak on your counter for about an hour
-Top with fresh fruit (optional)

For more nutrient packed recipes, take a look at our recipes page.

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It’s so good to be in the clinic and serving our community safely. We are immensely grateful for our caring, responsible patients. Thank you for helping us keep Blue Heron open and safe for you. You may not be able to see our smiles, but we are so happy to see you!

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Coming in? Here are the basics to keep in mind:

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*We cannot accommodate family members in the lobby or treatment rooms (unless you are a parent staying with your child during treatment).

*Unfortunately, we cannot see you in the clinic if you exhibit cold or flu symptoms. If you have a cold, flu or coronavirus, schedule a virtual herbal consult – herbs are incredibly effective for such conditions. If you think you have allergies, discuss with your practitioner prior to scheduling.