Have you heard of ELDOA? We are so honored Sarah King, classically trained acupuncturist, Pilates teacher and ELDOA instructor, is offering this form of exercise and healing for Blue Heron’s patients! (She also does a ton of work with us behind the scenes but we’ll focus on her offerings for YOU here.) Having attended Sarah’s classes and her Level I ELDOA Teacher Training, I have been blown away by how quickly effective these exercises are for chronic tension and pain. Bonus points: you feel great afterward because they also retrain your brain and nervous system.
ELDOA was developed by a French osteopath and consists of specific movements to target particular levels of the spine, strengthening your alignment, mobility, flexibility and core.
ELDOA = Etiremenets (stretching) Longitudinaux (longitudinal) avec Decoaptation (decoaptation) Osteo (bone) Articulaire (articulation). The ELDOA are a group of postural exercises for the joints of the spine, pelvic girdle, scapular girdle and skull – combining tension and stretching to create space in a chosen articulation.

Benefits of ELDOA

Some benefits of the ELDOA include improved posture, increased blood circulation, development of muscular tone, reduced pressure on the joints and spinal discs, improved awareness, as well as relief from pain. Additionally, the ELDOA can affect the soft tissue, ligaments, nervous tissue, and organs associated with the target joint. Each exercise is highly specific and requires the assistance of a trained instructor to implement effectively. But once the client learns the exercises, they can be performed almost anywhere as only floor space and in some instances a wall are necessary.

You can schedule a virtual session with Sarah through Blue Heron for a personalized assessment and exercise prescription. You can also attend her online classes at 2 pm EST each day. @authenticbodycontrol

Try something new & feel great!