Chinese Lunar New Year 2021 Year of the Ox

2021: Year of the Ox

For most everyone, 2020 was unsettling. The Water-Metal year stripped us down to our core. Fear, anxiety, isolation and survival were common themes. As were resilience, refinement of values and priorities, quietude, stillness, and honing in on essence.

If you haven’t quite felt like celebrating the new year thus far, you aren’t alone. We’ve noticed a much more reflective tone than usual with the turn of the calendar as we have collectively looked back over the past year and pondered just how much we have experienced and lost (as well as a tender gratitude for all that has been born and flourished).

Today marks the Chinese or Lunar New Year. 2021 welcomes the Year of the Ox: an Earth-Metal year. Being another metal year, we continue to refine, embrace integrity, appreciate beauty, feel gratitude, open ourselves to vulnerability, experience grief and acknowledge the preciousness of our existence. Metal relates to our lungs and immune system, which are still very much engaged and susceptible in these days of the pandemic. Metal also relates to our sense of smell and the po spirit: our animal nature, our body’s knowing. 2020 and 2021 are years for us to collectively descend from the mental realms and reclaim the wisdom and homes of our bodies – to connect and center from this place.

The Ox is an Earth animal and represents a calm, slow, steady movement forward. The image and words that comes to mind with the idea of the ox are: strong, capable, grounded, plowing the earth, creating sustenance out of fertile ground, nourishment, connected to nature and its rhythms, creating sustainability, coming home.

While we continue to experience the vulnerability of metal, we are growing, coming home into ourselves and moving forward anew. 2021 is a year to integrate all we learned in 2020: the values that are most vital for us, the importance of family and community, our resilience – and to find the things that center us in our bodies, lives and this earth. This is a year to integrate the transformation that is underway.

Small, simple ways to celebrate the Year of the Ox: burn incense, move your body, enjoy nourishing food, connect with loved ones (even if over zoom), breathe into your belly.

We wish you the best today and always!