Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive are constantly being told not to stress but never told how – this notion can often create more stress. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are so beneficial for reducing stress and calming the sympathetic nervous system, but why is this important?

When your body’s cortisol levels are high, it is hard for your body to produce progesterone – a hormone crucial for fertility and pregnancy. Progesterone causes the uterine lining to thicken and accept a fertilized egg. It also helps prevent uterine contractions that could cause the body to reject the egg. 

In addition to nourishing the uterine lining, acupuncture encourages feelings of security, “I’m safe. I can let this happen. I can become pregnant now.” What seems so simple can be significant in how our bodies respond to pregnancy.

We are so passionate about the work we do with women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, whether it relates to stress and anxiety, balancing hormones, nutrition guidance, or even working around a diagnosis of PCOS or Infertility.

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