We understand that some of you may desire care but prefer to stay home due to Covid-19 concerns. If this is you, we are excited to offer several virtual appointments to help you feel renewed and experience the benefits of holistic medicine from the comfort of your home!

✨Our Virtual Chinese Medicine Illumination Session is a virtual acupuncture treatment! We will discuss your health history and current symptoms and choose from our many tools depending on what is the best fit for supporting you: acupressure, self gua sha or cupping, herbs and essential oils, dietary advice, moxa, exercises and stretches, lifestyle modifications, stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness, qi gong and more. A lovely way to connect, dive in, and heal.

✨Our Virtual Herbal Consultation is all about the herbs! Chinese herbs are extremely effective at treating a variety of patterns of disharmony within the body. Herbal medicine can improve sleep, nourish fertility, decrease inflammation, decrease cold/flu symptoms, improve digestion, increase energy, improve menopausal symptoms, and much more! We are proud to offer customized herbal formulas that we make in house and personalize to your specific needs as well as classic formulas in potent pill form. 

✨Our Virtual Fertility Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation combines the best of ancient Chinese wisdom with modern holistic knowledge, providing dietary and lifestyle recommendations to nourish your fertility and help you conceive naturally or increase your chances of success with IVF or IUI! Food is medicine, and simple alterations to your diet can provide a huge benefit to fertility and help prepare your body for pregnancy.

If you are interested in a virtual consultation or in-office appointment with one of our practitioners, please call us at (843) 937-6890 or email us at info@blueheroncharleston.com so we can help you choose the best option for you!