Becca Roberts

Licensed Massage Therapist, Fertility Massage Specialist

Becca Roberts
Becca Roberts, Massage Therapist, Fertility Massage Specialist

Becca Roberts has been providing Charleston, SC, with effective, therapeutic massage for over 16 years. She brings a passion and enthusiasm to her work as well as vast knowledge of the body and a focus on helping people find relief from pain.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Therapy from the University of Iowa, Becca began working with children with physical, mental and behavioral disorders. Discovering the importance of physical touch as a key component to an overall state of well-being led Becca to return to school to earn her degree as a massage therapist.

Attending the Atlanta School of Massage in 2003/2004, Becca quickly gained employment and massage became her full time career. She eventually landed in Charleston where she has played an important role in the massage community for over a decade. Becca has primarily worked in the spa industry and alongside doctors in chiropractic settings. In addition to a steady clientele, she has also been responsible for hiring, training and leading new therapists into rewarding careers.

Becca has studied advanced education throughout the years with a focus on fertility massage, neuromuscular bodywork and pain management. Along with deep tissue work, she performs Swedish massage, Pre/Postnatal, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone and is certified in Reiki Level 1.

Becca is certified as a Fertility Massage Therapist and is passionate about supporting women on their journey to motherhood.  Through compassion and understanding of fertility struggles, Becca is committed to helping other women during what can be a challenging as well as a healing time. Becca’s experience through her own four year journey has given her a rich understanding and empathy for women who are trying to conceive naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Techniques.  Becca and her husband are now the proud parents of a healthy happy 11-month-old, Clara Jane.  (read more about Fertility Massage below)

To schedule with Becca, please contact her via:

(843) 557-4323

Integrative Massage:

60 Minutes – $95

90 Minutes – $130

Fertility Massage:

First session: 2 hours, includes consultation and fertility massage – $165

Follow Up Fertility Massage session: 90 min – $150


Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is designed as a protocol to enhance a couple’s potential to conceive naturally or with help with assisted reproductive technology. Assisted reproductive technology may include IUI, FAST, IVF, GIFT, ZIGT and ICSI.

The intention of the fertility massage session is to support the body in cleansing, reducing stress hormones, balancing reproductive hormones and stimulating the reproductive organs with reflexology. It is designed to support the client in achieving a state of balance emotionally, mentally, psychically and spirituality through cranial sacral holds and shiatsu on the Chinese meridians and Acupressure points.  Essential oils are added to the massage oils to tonify the reproductive systems. Castor oil pack are applied on the abdomen during the session for a cleansing effect.

Fertility massage also assists in reducing stress of modern life and supports digestive cleansing for better nutritional assimilation. Positioning the uterus and pelvic friction to break up congestion are an essential part of this massage, this increases circulation in the pelvis and breaks up adhesions and congestion.

Woman can benefit from fertility massage if they are having difficulties from one or more of the following:

  • Hormonal imbalances: due to stress, age, lifestyle, diet and lack of movement
  • Pelvic congestion: due to previous abdominal surgery, sedentary lifestyle (long periods of sitting), holding excess weight in abdomen and poor digestion and eating habits. The lack of optimal blood and lymphatic flow will create a sluggish area and lead to possible menstrual problems and fertility challenges.
  • Adhesions: connective tissue bound up and adhering to the bones, muscles and organs.  This is often from prior surgeries.
  • Endometriosis: is the buildup of endometrium tissue on other parts of the abdominal cavity.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome( PCOS): a hormonal imbalance that involves the ovaries producing too much testosterone. This in turn causes cysts with a hard shell on the ovaries.
  • Fertility massage also supports women who are trying to conceive naturally.