Libby Prim

Bowen Technique and Neurostructural Integration Technique Practitioner

Libby Prim
Libby Prim, Bowen and Neurostructural
Integration Technique Practitioner

Libby Prim’s interest in alternative medicine began with a natural food store that she opened in Ireland in the seventies. Wanting to continue learning about acupuncture and macrobiotic philosophy, she traveled to the United States to study at the Kushi Institute in Boston. Ten years later, she moved south and opened The Natural Living Center in Charlotte NC. While running the center, which specialized in acupuncture and wholefood cooking, she became interested in a new bodywork from Australia called the Bowen Technique.

She began studying under Oswald and Elaine Rentch in 1966 as the first classes were being offered in the United States, and was certified by the Bowtech Academy of Australia in 1999. A year later she also qualified as a NST practitioner under the tutelage of Michael Nixon-Livy of the International Institute of Applied Services in Germany and the developer of the Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST).