Sirena Squires

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

Sirena Squires, Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Sirena Squires, Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

Sirena Squires has been providing focused, effective clinical bodywork for sixteen years.  The clinical focus on the treatment of soft tissue works to maintain, develop, augment or rehabilitate a person’s physical function.  Clinical massage therapy can improve the functioning of joints and muscles, metabolism, circulation, and your body’s own healing processes.

By addressing the specifics of an individual’s needs, Sirena helps bring health and balance back into your being. In her clinical massage practice, Sirena combines her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western soft tissue therapies, utilizing acupressure points, and meridian pathways with muscle and fascia release techniques. Unique and detailed in application, Sirena has created a balanced and restorative clinical massage therapy session that is also unique to you.  Your session may be for addressing a specific pain condition(s), or for general health and wellness.

Sirena also provides Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy using Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (TM). Lymphatic therapy is beneficial in promoting tissue regeneration (ie for scars), stimulating the immune system, and relieving bronchitis, sinusitis, arthritis, acne, eczema, chronic fatigue, ENT conditions, headaches, vertigo, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease. It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress, depression, insomnia, pain, muscle spasm, post-trauma recovery (ie whiplash), and post-surgical tissue swelling. Lastly, lymphatic therapy is helpful in preparing the body pre-surgery and reducing inflammation and accelerating healing post-surgery.


“In my 30 years of practice as a Chiropractic Physician, Sirena Squires is definitely one of the most talented, intelligent massage therapists I have had work with me in my office. We worked together for five years. Sirena has great diagnostic skills, and it was a pleasure to work together on complicated patient issues. I learned a lot from her, referring to her approach as “medical massage.” Sirena genuinely cares for her clientele, including their whole life and health. I also have personally received several treatments from Sirena, which were a tremendous help for me every time.” – Dr. Karen Hartman, DC

“After only one visit, Sirena was able to alleviate a sports injury to my ankle. I ran my first half marathon pain free, and even at mile 12 the pain did not return. I have watched my running partner walk bent over from back pain and her saying that she had been to every doctor and professional and nothing had helped. After her first session with Sirena, we were both stunned that Sirena was able to take away all her symptoms, and she is now pain free, which is absolutely priceless! Sirena’s wealth of information is life changing.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Sirena! Sessions with her are one of a kind. She has an ability to always find the areas that need work, and then gives detailed care to those spots. Each session is thoughtfully done, addressing the needs of the moment, and never lack luster or feel rushed. My mind, body and soul all leave feeling refreshed, and I am immediately looking forward to my next one!”

“I spent the next day in a kind of release, and opening to a level of expansiveness that has been rare for me. Sirena truly has a gift, and I appreciate her very much.”

“Sirena combines a sensitive touch with an intuitive understanding of structure, and a deep and generous presence.She is the best, and has helped me enormously.”

“Sirena is incredibly professional and skilled, and even more than that, she is caring and kind. She really listens to what’s going on in my body, and at the end of every session I leave feeling more peaceful, mobile, and comfortable than when I came in. I highly recommend her!”

“Sirena has a knowing about the body, which combined with her caring presence provides a sense of safety and deep relaxation.”