Pericardium 7

The Pericardium is one of the four organs and channels associated with the fire element of Summer. Its points are commonly used to calm anxiety, ease digestive upset (including nausea during pregnancy), and alleviate carpal tunnel pain.

Being the season of fire and a time when many of us naturally desire connection with others and an outlet for our yang energy, our Pericardiums are activated and may be feeling more discombobulated this year than most. We’re feeling the heat and frenzied energy of the world, yet we aren’t having as many opportunities to engage with others, splash in the water at the beach or disperse all this heat in a healthy way (laughter, joy, intimacy).

As we approach the transition into the more damp-laden days of late Summer, we may also begin to experience a heaviness with this heat. The worry and anxiety of the past several months compound on one another until we feel weighted down. We may feel physically or mentally swollen, foggy, waterlogged.

Pericardium 7 (PC-7), the earth point on this fire channel, offers us a soothing outlet for these energetics. It calms anxiety while opening tightness that may be constricting this channel, and therefore our hearts. By connecting to the earth element, it brings grounding to our fire, our desire for connections with others and our passions.

It is also a source point and a ghost point. As a source point, it accesses the essence of the Pericardium and, as Lonny Jarrett states, “can help nourish and revive a heart buried under life’s sorrows”. As a ghost point, PC-7 helps release us from compulsive attempts to fill the holes in our hearts (addictions, unhealthy relationships, our stories about ourselves, unfulfilled passions).

To explore these dynamics for yourself, gently massage diluted lavender onto the middle of your wrist crease, inhale, relax, and consider what your heart wants to invite it and what it is ready to release. Give us a call to schedule and begin your healing journey with Chinese medicine.