holistic nutrition in Charleston


The foods you eat everyday have a substantial impact on your health – food truly is medicine. Schedule a Nutrition Consultation to empower yourself with the knowledge to take care of your body on a daily basis. Let eating become a joyful, nourishing, stress-free part of your life! During your appointment, we will sit down with you to hear what you have been experiencing, discuss your goals, and explore challenges and solutions. Our practitioners will offer tangible, affordable and accessible suggestions to help you meet your health goals, such as meal plans, recipes, specific brands to purchase, stress reducers and mindfulness exercises.

Fertility Nutrition Consultations

The perfect choice for you no matter where you are on your fertility journey! Whether you have been receiving treatment for years or are just beginning to consider pregnancy, this is a great time to cover essential topics for your fertility and wellbeing.

Healthy fertility begins with the foods you eat each day. Our compassionate approach incorporates the ancient, lasting wisdom of Eastern medicine with modern allopathic evidence. You will learn to easily incorporate foods into your daily regimen that enhance the vitality of your hormones, reproductive system and emotional wellbeing.

We will discuss your health history, symptoms and goals. As applicable, we will discuss conception planning, temperature tracking, stress reduction methods, ways to improve circulation to your reproductive organs, mindfulness techniques, chinese herbs, essential oils and/or supplements. If you have already been tracking your temperature or have lab results, please send these prior to your appointment

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