herbal medicine and essential oils


We are so pleased to offer the following consultations by phone or video. Connect, learn, and care for yourself.

***If you have suffered a financial hardship due to the coronavirus or other circumstances, please let us know prior to your session and we will discuss a discounted rate.***

Chinese Medicine Illumination Sessions – Your virtual acupuncture treatment! We will discuss your health history and current symptoms, hear how you’re handling these new circumstances, ground into the present moment, release tension from your body, and choose from our many tools depending on what is the best fit for supporting you: acupressure, self gua sha or cupping, herbs and essential oils, dietary advice, moxa, exercises and stretches, lifestyle modifications, stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness, qi gong, the I Ching, breathwork and more. A lovely way to connect, dive in and heal.

Pain Relief: Acupressure, Self Gua Sha & Topical Remedies – We will dialog about your health history and share effective acupuncture points with instructions on how to apply acupressure. If applicable, we will guide you through self-application of gua sha to relieve tight muscles, aches and pains, and strengthen your immune system. We can also prescribe topical formulas, which are incredibly helpful for pain, for external use. No-contact site will be set up for pick up of topical blends or we can ship.

Herbal and Essential Oil Consultations – Chinese herbal medicine provides a simple and effective way to improve your health on a daily basis. Formulas are selected based on the patterns of disharmony you present. Herbs not only address specific symptoms but correct imbalances that could otherwise create longstanding issues. We offer herbs in granule and pill form. Granules, a powder form you mix in hot water, can be customized specifically for you. Taking herbs is truly an investment in your health!
We will discuss your health history, determine your individual pattern, and prescribe herbs and/or essential oils based on your particular presentation. No-contact site will be set up for pick up of herbs and oils or we can ship.
Conditions we successfully treat with herbs include but are not limited to: colds and flus, allergies, cough, headaches, vertigo, nausea, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, urinary frequency and urgency, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, other body aches and pains, menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, menstrual irregularity, amenorrhea, fertility, autoimmune conditions, fatigue, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, stress, and irritability.
Similarly, herbs are a wonderful way to support children!  We typically use alcohol-free tinctures that are palatable and easy for them to take. We can also provide granules that you can mix into beverages or foods, such as apple sauce, yogurt or oatmeal. 

Nutrition Consultations – The foods you eat everyday have a substantial impact on your health. Food truly is medicine, but many are unsure of the best items to consume for particular health concerns. Empower yourself with the knowledge to take care of your body on a daily basis. Let eating become a joyful, nourishing, stress-free part of your life! During your appointment, we will listen to what you have been experiencing, discuss your goals, and explore challenges and solutions. We will offer tangible, affordable and accessible suggestions to help you meet your health goals.

Fertility Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance – The perfect choice for you no matter where you are on your fertility journey! Whether you have been receiving treatment for years or are just beginning to consider pregnancy, this is a great time to cover essential topics for your fertility and wellbeing.
Healthy fertility begins with the foods you eat each day. Our compassionate approach incorporates the ancient, lasting wisdom of Chinese medicine. You will learn to easily incorporate foods into your daily regimen that enhance the vitality of your hormones, reproductive system and emotional wellbeing. 
We will begin by discussing your health history, symptoms and goals. As applicable, we will discuss conception planning, temperature tracking, stress reduction methods, ways to improve circulation to your reproductive organs, mindfulness techniques, chinese herbs, essential oils and/or supplements. If you have already been tracking your temperature or have lab results, please send these prior to your appointment.

Pregnancy Stages & Labor Preparation – Feel your best during pregnancy, calm uncomfortable symptoms and prepare for the birth of your baby! We will listen to your experiences, symptoms, feelings and concerns and offer acupressure, self-massage, dietary, supplement, exercise, stress reduction and mindfulness resources to support you. Available for all phases of pregnancy, including labor preparation and turning breech babies.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Qi Gong – Qi gong, meditation and mindfulness skills are all powerful tools to strengthen your immune system, calm your nervous system and decrease stress. Qi gong is an optimal exercise for people of all ages as it is gentle and can be done standing or seated.

Self Lymphatic Therapy – The next level in wellness = truly empowering you with the skills and knowledge to care for yourself. Inspired by these times and perfectly appropriate for these times = IMMUNE BOOSTING, stress reducing, cardiovascular enhancing. Everything we need to be in our best health during these challenging days. It’s the new frontier and Sirena Squires is virtually available to guide you through Self Lymphatic Therapy in the comfort of your home sanctuary. Sirena suggests comfortable clothing for this one on one session, which will leaving you feeling both energized and relaxed. This support for the circulation of your lymph and blood is also great for your digestive organs. Sirena will give you suggestions for continued home practice and be available for follow up sessions to continue supporting your health and individual needs. 

ELDOA & Pilates – What do you do for pain when you don’t have acupuncture or bodywork? ELDOA! We have been blown away by the efficacy of ELDOA and Pilates in correcting painful holding patterns and improving the health of the spine. Sarah King, who is also an acupuncturist, will lead you through ELDOA that address the specific spine levels for your needs and Pilates exercises that strengthen your alignment, mobility, flexibility and core. 

ELDOA = Etiremenets (stretching) Longitudinaux (longitudinal) avec Decoaptation (decoaptation) Osteo (bone) Articulaire (articulation). The ELDOA are a group of postural exercises, developed by a French osteopath, for the joints of the spine, pelvic girdle, scapular girdle and skull – combining tension and stretching to create space in a chosen articulation.

Some benefits of the ELDOA include improved posture, increased blood circulation, development of muscular tone, reduced pressure on the joints and spinal discs, improved awareness, as well as relief from pain. Additionally, the ELDOA can affect the soft tissue, ligaments, nervous tissue, and organs associated with the target joint. Each exercise is highly specific and requires the assistance of a trained instructor to implement effectively. But once the client learns the exercises, they can be performed almost anywhere as only floor space and in some instances a wall are necessary.

Counseling with Kristi Galloway – If you find yourself needing someone to talk to as you sort through these difficult feelings, contemplate your path, and consider what you might learn about yourself in the process, reach out to licensed counselor Kristi Galloway. Kristi is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and helping people process and adapt their response to these trying thoughts and emotions is her specialty. She has a rich, calming, centering presence that guides you deeper into the essence of your self. You can contact Kristi directly at (843) 410-3165 or kgalloway@cdbta.com.